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Toto je oficiálna webová stránka orgánu verejnej moci Slovenskej republiky. Oficiálne stránky využívajú najmä doménu Odkazy na jednotlivé webové sídla orgánov verejnej moci nájdete na tomto odkaze.

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Transformation and Innovation Consortia

The goal of the call is to strengthen the research and innovation environment in Slovakia through funding a small number of clearly thematically defined Transformation and Innovation Consortia (TIC). These Consortia will connect public and private actors from Slovakia with leading institutions from abroad, and they will generate new research and innovation activities and projects throughout the entire innovation chain. The aim is to support the transformation of key sectors of the economy with high innovation potential, which will be defined by the applicants themselves in their submitted applications.

Opening of the Call: 12.6.2023

Closure of the Call: 4.10.2023

Allocation: 107 928 000 EUR, of which:

a) Resilience and Recovery Plan: 89 940 000 EUR
b) Resilience and Recovery Plan – payment of VAT: 17 988 000 EUR

Applicant eligibility criteria: 

The following entities based in the Slovak Republic (categories a, b, c) can be eligible applicants or partners:

a) Slovak Academy of Sciences, budget and contributory organizations established by central state administration bodies, public research institutions, Universities

b) Civic associations and non-profit organizations, associations of legal entities that are not established by the central state administration body

c) Enterprises according to §2 par. 2a of the Commercial Code

The following entities can be eligible partners:
d) Local and regional self-government units and budget and contribution organizations established by them
e) A non-Slovak partner operating in the field of research and development that is not from the Russian Federation or the Republic of Belarus

Consortium of partners’ eligibility criteria:

TIC must consist of at least three eligible entities (the applicant and at least two partners) whereas the following categories of eligible entities must be represented: a), c), e).

Minimum amount of funding:10 000 000 EUR (without VAT) 

Maximum amount of funding:15 000 000 EUR (without VAT) 

State Aid Scheme: State aid scheme for research, development and innovation projects within the component 9 of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic 

Granting Agency: Government Office of the Slovak Republic 


RRF Component:9 

Status: closed