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Toto je oficiálna webová stránka orgánu verejnej moci Slovenskej republiky. Oficiálne stránky využívajú najmä doménu Odkazy na jednotlivé webové sídla orgánov verejnej moci nájdete na tomto odkaze.

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Buďte pozorní a vždy sa uistite, že zdieľate informácie iba cez zabezpečenú webovú stránku verejnej správy SR. Zabezpečená stránka vždy začína https:// pred názvom domény webového sídla.

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Fellowships for excellent researchers R2-R4 (shortened English version)

The Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic, as the Executor of Component 9 of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, announces that, as part of Investment 3: Excellent Science, a call aimed at supporting basic and applied research carried out in Slovakia by excellent domestic and foreign researchers in the R2 to R4 career phase. The call is divided into 3 types of support according to the career phase of the supported researchers:

  • researcher scholarship R2
  • researcher scholarship R3
  • researcher’s scholarship R4

The purpose of the call is to support excellent scientists across all sectors of research and development in Slovakia. The purpose of the call is to attract top foreign researchers and to prevent the outflow of domestic top scientists abroad.

Opening of the Call: 27.6.2023

Closure of the Call: 28.9.2023 

Allocation: 54  122 103 €, of which:

  • Resilience and Recovery Plan: 51 250 000 EUR ,
  • Resilience and Recovery Plan – payment of VAT: 2 872 103 EUR.

Maximum amount of funding: depends on the stage of the researcher’s career and other facts – R2 max. €6,179/month, R3 – max. €9,146/month, R4 – max. €12,680/month

Applicant eligibility criteria:  

Eligible applicants are non-business research organizations and research infrastructures (hereinafter referred to as “Non-businesses”) that do not constitute a business within the meaning of Art. 107 par. 1 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU and companies within the meaning of the said article.

Administrator: Government Office of the Slovak Republic 

Granting Agency: Výskumná agentúra


RRF Component:9 

Status: closed